12th Triennial Teaching Course in Clinical Neurophysiology, Wadham College, Oxford.


Physiology of nerve conduction

Digital signal processing

Engineering advances in Clinical neurophysiology

Nerve excitability studies

Physiology of the Retina

Nerve conduction techniques

Basics of needle EMG

Introduction to NMJ

Disorders of NMJ transmission

Clinical Approach to Nerve Injury

Prognostic assessment PN Injury

What's new in peripheral nerve disease?

Neurophysiological approach to muscle disease

Clinical aspects of muscle disease

Principles of Magnetic Stimulation

Cranial nerve IOM

Monitoring and SEPs in ITU

Spinal Cord monitoring

Principles and Practice of IOM

Evoked potentials in general neurology

Neonatal EEG

Maturation of the EEG & variants

Introduction to Paediatric EEG

Seizure semiology

Paediatric epilepsy syndromes

The EEG in Adult Neurology

Introduction to surgical planning

Neurophysiology of Epilepsy Surgery

Intracranial EEG in Epilepsy

The EEG and Treatment of Status Epilepticus

Case discussions

EEG and EMG quiz

We reserve the right to change the content and/or timetable at any time.